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A comic pulled out of the freaked up author's subconscious. humor and pain, philosophy and non-sense,love and violence and sexy things, based on real events or completely fake, who knows what the next update will bring



Im not a happy person, over all atleast. Most of my time is stationed in a well kept sated depression. It's not very full filling way to live but eh, what are you going to do? Things could be worse, it's just how the cookie crumbles; on the floor, away from your mouth. So your either going to lick cookie off the floor or go without. Generally I choose to go without, it's easier to go hungry then live being a floor licker.

Still need food to live though, might not be a yummy delicious cookie but food is food. Sometimes the world messes with it though, and when you choose to go hungry alot the food you get is the food you need. Without it ones groove is thrown, out a window, like that old man. I wonder what that old man did before to get thrown out a window? Curious.

My groove is thrown people, I tend to get really introverted when that happens. You can't change what you have no power over so it's best to try and avoid those things as much as possible. Maybe I'll start playing skyrim soon. Man that game is something else. Do whatever you want whenever you want because you want it, it's a great way to escape life's troubles.

That or booze, booze is good to. Just that it's easier to play skyrim for a week then it is to stay perpetually drunk for that week. I know I've done both. Not that being continually drunk for a week is a bad thing...Well ok medically I think it is, but I never had serious side effects about it. I just got a high fever after I stopped drinking and that was probably just a coincidence. The being drunk was fun though. Had to keep on it though, drink to little and you sober up, to much and you fall down. I kept at a good level I think....What was I talking about?

Oh right my groove. I mean groove as in general vibe by the way not as in dance ability. In case you didn't get that...I can't dance.

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My childhood

Ah now this is a story to be told, listen well child and I shall tell you a tale:

It all started when I was a small school boy, pokemon had just came out and it was all the rage with the kids. Everyone had pokemon cards, and every school recess the children would form a large group and several other smaller groups and spend the recess trading pokemon cards, showing what they had, haggling and making deals. It was pretty much a bazaar, but instead of guys selling everything, it was children and pokemon cards. Cause see back in MY day we spent our recesses practicing business, something we could USE in life. Unlike you kids today spending your free time sitting around or running around, to much round things thats the problem with kids today! But I digress...

My first ever pokemon card I had gotten at summer camp, a stupid kid forgot they were in his pocket and jumped into the lake, then decided to leave them on a picnic table to dry out where they started to blow away. I found one of them on the ground, it was mine now, screw that dumbass. I still have that card today, but that is not how I acquired so many. No that begins back in the school yard.

An old school chum had gotten his parents to buy him a fair amount and me being such a good friend, he decided to give me a couple of his junk cards or ones he had doubles of. With cards in hand I started making deals, see I had a system, and the system with "quantity".

I figured if my school chum didn't care about these cards surely others had cards they didn't care about. So that's what I went after. I would trade one card for another and so on, until it became something interesting. I would then trade that ONE interesting card for a couple junk cards, growing my total. After that it was simply rinse and repeat.

It wasn't long until I had amassed a good volume of inventory and I was free to go after quality. Which I did with gusto! Not to much gusto mind you, I stuck to my original belief never to trade more cards then I received. It proved me well.

By the time the pokemon card fad had subsided I had in my passion a book full of cards. Which I hold in my hands today...Well most of them, at some point my little brothers got into my book and stole a bunch, mostly the good ones to. those pricks. >>

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