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Vault 114 was one of the more "simple" social experiments. A collection of equal parts men and women, each with a history of mental or emotional dysfunction; Obsessive compulsive, depression, sexual dependency,  suicidal tendencies, ect. The list goes on, but each and every person inducted into this vault was deemed to be "in the safe zone", "have it under control", "cured". Yes, all of them were classified "sane"....Atleast before they were placed into Vault 114 that is.

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Johnny.S, 25 Apr 2015 02:32 pm

Vault 114

This is a thing I'll be doing for a bit, not sure for how long or what it'll be like but it's going to happen. A story based on my current play threw of Fallout 3. If you've never played fo3 you really should, but I don't think it'll really affect your enjoyment/hate of the story at all. Also if your curious, I came up with the scenario of vault 114 and I've checked, Im the only person to use this number. Pretty sure atleast.

Advertisement, 27 Apr 2015 07:05 am

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