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The Life and Trials of Rough T'ung: part 17

Day ??? -11

You won't believe what happened today! Go on guess! Go on, I'll wait....... What's your guess?..... Nope that's a stupid answer and Im not going to justify it with a response. What happened was some random psycho was trying to do necromancy IN MY BACK YARD. Can you believe that? Not even like down the road or something, literally in my back yard. Middle of the day, dressed in robes, doing things to a skeleton on the table in my back yard. When I questioned him the sonava bitch drew a knife! He didn't know how to use it though, so I kneed him in the balls and snapped his neck.

Now I can't just LEAVE a corpse out near my picknick table, Cupcakes might see it. So I take it down into my basement. Who knows? Maybe it'll come in handy with my experiments? I mean this guy's a guy and Ulga's a woman, but they're both nords so Im assuming most of the pasts are the same.

This event has me questioning my home's security. If some random smoe has the gull to just walts up and do magics in my back yard who's to say there isn't more of these freaks around my house that I didn't know about? Only one way to find out: perimeter search.

Ah ha! I knew it! More of them! Buncha religious types all huddled around some shrine just up the hill over looking my house! Now I know what you might be thinking: "oh but Rough-Tung, they're not TECHNICALLY on your property and they aren't hurting anyone, why not just leave them be?". I say THEY KILLED A GUY RIGHT THERE FOR NOT BELIEVING THEIR RELIGION! Like hell im going to let them be! I don't know what kind of parent YOU are but Im not about to leave some crazy murdering religious cult operate right near MY Cupcakes! Nope they get murdered.

Man those crazy religious nutbags put up a fight! They weren't even armed (or even have claws!)! They just kept coming! If I wasn't a far superior catman and vampire they could have killed me! Now I have a bunch of corpses I need to lug to my basement.

Huh, Im starting to work up a nice corpse pile down here. Maybe I should organize them? ....Well that's done, I even arranged them by race (Which was really hard, most of them look the same to me.). So far I have four nords, an imperial, and an elf (the guy those racist jerks killed, I took his corpse just cause.). Not a clue what Im going to do with them but Im starting to like collecting naked corpses in my basement (I took all their stuff, not like they need/deserve it). Oh and incase your wondering Im keeping Ulga's corpse and soul stone away from the others. She gets her own shelf OFF the floor.

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